Facebook who can like my pictures

Posted on 08.10.2019

The shared my profile picture on facebook. John adams, call facebook support 1-800-796-1964 to get free help. If you do, a story about your activity will be eligible to appear on facebook, including on your timeline profile, in news feed and in ticker.

Only allow your facebook friends or a list of friends to see the post, picture etc. So one one can see who like my profile picture, how do i do it.

When you post on face book you can see stats of your post at the lower right corner where a option of shear. Yasmin gonzales, does some concoction, occasional mentor. Saloni sheth, studied bts at korean dramas. Katja evertz, digital explorer. In general, you can restrict who can see your posts, pictures etc.

And then go activity log and you can easily see there whos sees and shears of your post. Answered jan 4, 2016 author has 97 answers and 226.

How do i change my old facebook account profile picture.