Why is the boston celtics mascot a leprechaun picture

Posted on 31.03.2019

The mascot for the nbas boston celtics is lucky the leprechaun. He is a nod to the teams irish heritage and to bostons historically large irish population. We would pay money to see lucky brawling the notre dame leprechaun in a boxing ring or on the street. And of course their mascot is a leprechaun.

Lucky has been the mascot ever since, appearing on the box and in advertisements. Ainge and the celtics owners are hoping that luck will change when the 5-foot-9 thomas represents them in new york. Hes our leprechaun, ainge joked. Cs president of basketball operations danny ainge has one question for those folks.

Lucky celtic leprechaun i think is his full, entire, whole name. The mascot is a nod to the team's irish heritage and to boston's historically large irish population. Why was the boston celtics name chosen. But no matter who represented the cs, they never had the luck youd expect for a team whose logo is a leprechaun. Lucky the leprechaun is a mascot who has represented the boston celtics of the nba.

Green is the traditional color of ireland, which goes back to the gaelic tradition.